(13-Oct-2021) Insights & Rankings of Biotech Innovation Nationally

Top 25 Biotech Metros in the USA

Recently, one of the largest metro regions in the nation asked if Patent Index could tell them how their region ranked nationally relative to Biotech patents. That request spawned a series of questions which this report seeks to answer:

  1. What is the…

(Linkedin 7-Oct-2021) Toward a self-regulating techoconomy

This is not a ‘social post,’ nor incendiary anti-big-corp vitriol, nor a plea for big-gov-regulatory-oversight. No, this could be a business idea, an open-source project, non-profit or all the above. My goal is to engage the technoconomy to find a way to ‘self regulate.’

The Problem:

(Linkedin 28-Oct-2020) What kind of ‘coachable’ people are there? Why is it important to be coachable?

Joe’s Coachability Matrix

Earlier this week I was on the phone with a colleague in Charlotte in the Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) industry talking about a number of business opportunities. We were also discussing the nature of…

(19-Aug-2020) If we are not coming together, we’re coming apart.

The Flag of the United States of America

Since my first presidential election about 40 years ago, I have never missed a vote. I don’t plan on missing this vote either. But I do wish that I had a third option. The two options I have force me…


There are a lot of “What I Believe” type statements out there these days. Please allow me to make mine: “I love everyone, no exceptions. And I believe everyone is much more complex than any one label.” These statements are some of my “I believe” statements.

I believe that…

(27-May-2020) in the time of Covid…

Policy makers bandy about terms like data-driven and fact-based decision-making as if they were some magic elixir that guarantees sound decisions. They are not. This article draws some distinctions around data, information, insight, cognition and decision-making. …

(Jan 2020) Surveillance Capitalism vs Privacy

What if you followed a link to read an article on a news website and just by going there, intimate data about you (and more) went to nearly 500 companies? And what if the news website you are visiting also received data that those…

Joe Chiarella

Joe thinks about things & cares about people. He is a polymath, autodidact, entrepreneur, citizen, friend, technologist, artist, writer, and follower of Jesus.

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