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Joe Chiarella
1 min readOct 18, 2021

(13-Oct-2021) Insights & Rankings of Biotech Innovation Nationally

Top 25 Biotech Metros in the USA

Recently, one of the largest metro regions in the nation asked if Patent Index could tell them how their region ranked nationally relative to Biotech patents. That request spawned a series of questions which this report seeks to answer:

  1. What is the ranking, nationally, of the metros doing biotech innovation?
  2. How fluid are these rankings? Are there ‘rising stars’?
  3. What is the mix of patents going to primary research via universities & governments, versus applied via commercial enterprises?
  4. Where does the biotech innovation talent reside? (Is it the same as patent owners or different?)
  5. Are there any clues in the data that speak to why one community does better than another?

Seeing an opportunity to do a social good, Patent Index (via The Inventiveness Index) is releasing this Biotech Patent Summary report.

Your thoughts are solicited specifically around the question of how to stimulate biotech innovation in a community.



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